What makes us The Buzz?

The Buzz is dedicated to bringing the best products at the best price points for ultimate value.

We are unique by delivering both innovative new products and trusted legacy brands. Our goal is to provide the products that can make the most difference in the every day lives of our customers. Whether it’s to cook a meal, do the laundry, play a game or to entertain friends and family.

We keep moving to make sure we move products!

We understand that better products make the life experience more satisfying. What’s even more gratifying? Knowing that the prices paid for these products represents true value.

Since opening more than two decades ago, the reason people keep coming back to The Buzz, is simply for the top-quality products we offer at prices that offer value.


We started as a brick and mortar store in Brooklyn, New York. Now, we have an agile infrastructure and decades of experience offering products people want and brands people love here… online.

 Our dedication and steadfast belief in offering quality products and brands is the core of our operating foundation. If you do not see a product here that you are interested in, please feel free to send us an e-mail and we will promptly get back to you.

 Thank you for your patronage.